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What We Say...

  • Cambridge English School offers a safe and secure learning environment, where pupils can learn and grow happily

  • Your child's education is in the experienced hands of fully qualified teachers.

  • Well resourced classes and an emphasis on individual needs, ensure each child is able to develop their potential fully.

  • The school offers a ‘broad and balanced' UK curriculum, including Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS and A2 level examinations, administered by CIE and Edexcel Exam Boards which are recognized worldwide.

  • We combine the best of modern teaching methods and approach, alongside good manners and respect for others.

  • We develop the whole child by offering other activities which enrich the curriculum.

  • Well resourced specialist rooms enable students to gain a broader experience of learning.

  • The children are always at the centre of everything we do.

What Our Parents Say...

First of all please allow me to thank you and your team for all your effort and timing, you guys are amazing and your effort are very clear

I can tell you that CES Hawalli is one of the best schools in Kuwait in the online study

We are very proud of you and very satisfied of your effort

We posted on the social media on American and British schools of Kuwait group and we all say how amazing you are and how successful is your online platform, everyone is jealous now of CES  and you guys have to be proud of yourselves

Just want to thank you all specially all the teachers for the hard work,appreciate their  efforts,really it was successful experience.    

We wish to thank all staff and management at CES Hawally for their sincere efforts in starting this programme at such short notice, and for the interesting and engaging lessons. We now feel that our students have become confident in the use of MS Teams, should it be necessary again in the future.  

Really appreciate the great effort that the teachers had made during the online learning it was a very successful experience more than what I expected 

Very Nice effort put by teachers and the school administration in order to make this online learning successful. All credit goes to them. Thanks 

Thanks for all the management and the teacher's for the big effort that they put to ensure that the students are receiving a great quality of learning.

It was fully informative,fantastic,well organised and great effort from Cambridge .

What Our Students Say...

I have had so much fun in this school,
I wish I could always stay as a student. They were the best years of my life, staying at CES as I made so many friends and met people that taught me a lot about this world. THANK YOU CES!!!

I would not wish to spend my high school years anywhere else.

I joined CES in the last year of primary school, which is 6th grade, it was fun & a life-changing experience. I’m pretty sure that if I joined earlier I would’ve had as much fun.

I’d like to thank my fellow colleagues and mostly the teachers for unbelievable support and for this wonderful journey I’ve had at this school.

Thank you, CES, for being my second home throughout the years. You’ve watched me flourish into the young woman I have become today.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers that supported me and helped me to get through my IGCEs.

To my dismay, I did not spend my primary days in this wonderful school, but I am certain that they would have been as joyful as my secondary experiences.

I’m honestly eternally grateful for those whom I’ve met here that I now call family, the friends, the peers, and undoubtedly, the mentors. The events and experiences created here were absolutely one of a kind, I’m truly unable to think

of spending my senior year elsewhere.

And what the inspectors say...

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