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Secondary Section


At secondary, during Years 7 – 9 all students will study a core curriculum consisting of English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic, French, PE, History, Geography, Art, Social Studies and Religion. In Year 9, all students will study Science as the three distinct subjects in Year 9, i.e. Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At the end of Year 9, students have an opportunity to select their IGCSE options. These subjects will be split over two years whereby students will take three IGCSE subjects in Year 10 and another four IGCSE subjects in Year 11. Our Kuwaiti students will need to select Islamic Studies as one of their compulsory subjects. Students wishing to take additional IGCSE subjects will need to meet with the Head of Secondary to discuss this. In Year 12, students progress to AS Level and have the opportunity to choose from a wide number of subject choices. Similarly, in Year 13, students may progress to A2 Level, to complete their A Level qualifications in their chosen subjects. 

Cambridge English School also provides additional support to students who may have weak English skills by providing support through our Learning Support Department.

Assessment and Reporting in Secondary

At secondary, all students receive regular assessments. When students enter at Year 7 they are assessed for numeracy and literacy skills to enable effective target setting and lesson differentiation in order to cater for all our students as individuals. During the course of the school year students will receive four Student Progress Information assessments; two formal assessment reports which follow our bi-annual examination cycle in December and May and half termly formative assessments. So in total, parents and students will have the opportunity to track student learning four times a year. Assessment is based on the learning outcomes of the English National Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE/A Level criteria. Reports will also contain targets for each subject which students will be expected to achieve at the end of each academic year.

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2018 Senior Yearbook

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2019 Senior Yearbook

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