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An Interview with
Hassan Jammal
Class of 2019


When did you leave CES?

I left CES in 2019

What have you been up to since leaving?

Ever since I left I started working towards starting my flight training to become a commercial pilot. I applied to a couple flight schools and finally decided to go to L3 Harris flight school, where so far I’ve completed all my theoretical exams, and finished my foundation phase of flying. 

Where are you currently based?

I'm based in the UK where I am doing the bulk of my training, but have had opportunities to carry out parts of my training in Portugal.

What’s your favourite memory of CES?

My favourite memory must be the days my friends and I used to gather and talk during break time. As generic as that sounds I remember the funniest conversations used to happen then, definitely puts a smile on my face every time I remember. The planning of numerous school events is also tied with that, I enjoyed planning some of the events that took places with my friends. 

What advice would you give to someone joining CES?

The best advice I would say is to also have a goal to work towards, it makes studying and putting the effort easier because you know that everything you’re doing now will pay off, and that will always keep you motivated.

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