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An Interview with
Hala Elgohary
Class of 2019


When did you leave CES?

I graduated from CES in 2019. 

Where are you currently based?

​I am currently based in Cairo, Egypt. 

What have you been up to since leaving?

I’m almost done with my second year studying Interior Architecture and Design at The Knowledge Hub Universities -Coventry University’s branch in Egypt.  I am also a student ambassador; I represent TKH in university fairs, and I also lead campus tours for parents and prospective students. I have also been an organiser of many events on campus and off-campus.  

What’s your favourite memory of CES?

Out of the countless unforgettable memories, my favourite memory would be form class every morning with Mr Huw & ICT class with Ms Asma. I don’t remember a single dull moment with these people; they were more than just teachers and classmates. We were more like a family. 

What advice would you give to someone joining CES?

My only advice would be to live in the moment, participate in as many events as possible, and make more friends. Being shy & quiet doesn’t get you anywhere; you'll miss out on many opportunities. Appreciate every moment of being part of CES; you'll always look back and miss those days.

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